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Technology has evolved so much that there are so many options available for someone to lock their doors. From combination locks to fingerprint locks, the complexity is ever increasing but nothing can beat the ease and comfort of the traditional lock and key mechanism. It still remains the only way to lock doors that some people know about. If you are looking for secure and trustworthy locksmiths, then Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith is the best locksmith inAlbuquerque.We have been in the industry for a generation now and are one of the best cheap locksmiths inAlbuquerque. You can dial 505-634-5093 anytime. We have a team of mobile locksmiths inAlbuquerque, who will come right to your door to provide any kind of locksmithing service, be it key cutting or lock repair.

Problems with locks are very common nowadays. Broken locks and keys, misplaced keys and old locks can sometimes prevent even the owner of the house from getting inside. Albuquerque has a fair number of reported lock related issues and if you are someone who is in need of reliable locksmiths then trust Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith for quality services at affordable rates. Just a simple call and our team of highly trained professionals will be right with you to fulfill your needs.

About Us

One of the most trusted names in security solutions all around Albuquerque area, our team comprises of dedicated members who have decades of experience among them. We believe in customer service which transcends every situation. No matter what emergency you are facing, be it getting locked out of your home, car or office, our people will reach you at a moment’s notice. As one of the best locksmiths inAlbuquerque, we put our customers first and try to provide premium quality service every time. We knew that there was a sheer lack of trustworthy and reliable locksmithing firms in the region, and established our firm with the aim of serving the community with top-notch services.

There are hundreds of customers who are satisfied by the work that we do and the results that we achieve for them. The satisfied customers are testimony to the name that we have created for ourselves. Whether you need a lock fixed or a new key made, the dedicated service team will reach you in the middle of the night if they have to and will provide the best quality work.

Cheapest Locksmith

The biggest reason for people hesitating to avail locksmith service is the preposterous rates that some of the locksmiths charge people in need. At Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith we pride ourselves in bringing to you state-of-the-art facilities at a fraction of the cost which other service providers will ask of you. We are equipped with mobile vans and vehicles which will reach you at your place to open locked doors or deliver other services easily. There are no hidden costs for the services that we offer and promise to solve all your problems on-the-spot without burning a hole in your pocket. As a trusted cheap locksmith inAlbuquerque, our prices are fixed at a very affordable rate which beats market rates by a significant margin.

24-hour Service

Emergencies don’t come knocking on your door. They can arise at any moment and at any place. Lost keys, jammed locks, keys breaking in the lock and other worst-case scenarios can come to the limelight anytime. There’s no sense in calling yourself a locksmith if you can’t reach to your prospective clients at the time of their need. We provide 24/7 service to all customers in Albuquerque. Our promise to our customers is complete peace of mind knowing that we will be available at their door step any time they need. Afterall, how could you bring your car to our shop for fixing the lock when you end up getting locked out? Call us and our mobile locksmiths in Albuquerque would come down to where your car is parked with state-of-the-art tools to fix your automotive concerns instantly. We even have an interactive team which will predict your estimate cost of the repair over the phone before you actually have to commit to the service.

Not just for repairs and lock-outs, you can call us for security upgradation purposes at any time as well. You can set up a meet with an expert or call directly on the 505-634-5093 to get answers to all your questions about safety and locks.


Our locksmiths are trained to provide a lot of different services and solve different issues apart from the regular lock installation and key making. No matter what you need, the cheapest locksmith in Albuquerque is here to take care of it.

Residential Locksmith Services

No home is fully secure until you have a lock and key mechanism guarding the entry points. If there was a recent robbery or theft around your neighborhood or if you have lost your keys and want to get into the house or if you have relocated to a different place and need to upgrade the security, then Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith is the company you can call. Our team of expert residential locksmiths are well versed with working on any kind of lock or security product available. From key cutting, home security upgrades, lock repairs to eviction locksmith service, master key creation and much more, we do it all!

Commercial Locksmith Services

Your office security is slightly different and more complicated than your home security. The locks need to be more durable and heavy duty while also complying with the rules set by the building or company the office is involved with. Our locksmiths are expert in commercial services and would certainly do a better job than some amateur local locksmith with no knowledge of the sophistication these locks entail. Whether you’re urgently in need of lockout resolution, need your locks changed or want us to install keyless access systems or panic bars, you can count on us for a full suite of services.Innumerable businesses in Albuquerque rely on us for our phenomenal service, and so can you!

Automotive Locksmith Services

The door locking mechanism is an essential component in any car or automobile, but what happens when one fine day the same lock that protects you refuses to let you in? Cases of people getting locked in or out of their vehicles are very common. You don’t have to take you vehicle to the nearest mechanic’s shop or tow it to the dealer, because Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith has the perfect solution to this. Our 24/7 service ensures that an expert will be at your location as soon as possible to work on the lock of your door and open it properly. Apart from lockouts, we provide services such as transponder key creation, lock installation, repair, trunk unlock, ignition switch replacement and more!

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

Facing a lock and key emergency at your home, office, car or somewhere else? Then call us right away to hire an expert locksmith. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes such emergencies. Our services are operational across the whole of Albuquerque and no matter where you are, we promise to reach you in less than 30-minutes. We have a network of mobile locksmiths in Albuquerque, who’ll reach you armed with all the equipment needed to deliver on-the-spot service! There are no holidays or off days for us, as someone will always be present 24/7 to help you and get you out of the emergency.

Even in the safest of neighborhoods, you need to have stringent security in place to protect you, your family and your possession. Albuquerque Advantage Locksmith is a well trusted locksmith in Albuquerque and provides round the clock expert locksmith services at affordable prices. Our number 505-634-5093 is reachable all the time to help anyone in need.

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